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About me

Born in Madrid in 1977, he studied Audiovisual Communication at the Complutense University of Madrid and he has a degree in Audiovisual and Show Producer from the Official Institute of Radio and Television of RTVE (Spanish public TV). Member of the AAI, the Spanish Lighting Association, in the video & projection design section.
He has been working in different fields of visual arts such as cinema, documentary films, and video art since 1999. He was a pioneer of what he called Videoescena, (Video & Projection Design for performing arts), and he has been researching, for the past fifteen years, the inclusion of the videodesign and the visual projection in opera, theater, music and dance performances as a particular and autonomous discipline in performing arts.


He works in cooperation with stage directors like Gerardo Vera, Mario Gas, Lluís Pascual, Deborah Warner, Alex Rigola, Tomaž Pandur, Laila Ripoll, Ernesto Caballero, Luis Luque, José Carlos Plaza, Emilio Sagi, Gustavo Tambascio, Jose María Pou, Georges Lavaudant, Sergio Renán, Miguel del Arco, José Luis Gómez, Carles Alfaro, Laila Ripoll, Carol López, Josep María Mestres, José Luis Arellano, Natalia Menéndez, Helena Pimenta, the coreographer Enrique Cabrera or the lighting designer Juan Gómez-Cornejo.

In the field of video & projection design he works at international prestigious venues and festivals at Madrid, Barcelona, New York, Buenos Aires, Nápoles, Ljubljana, Valencia, Berlín, Praga, Washington or Miami.
From his recent projects we can highlight The Idiot of Dostoievski directed by Gerardo Vera (National Drama Centre of Madrid), The curious incident of the dog at night-time of Simon Stephens directed by JL. Arellano (Teatro Marquina), the opera Billy Budd of B. Britten directed by Deborah Warner (Royal Theatre, Madrid), Incendies of W. Mouawad, directed by Mario Gas (Abadía Theatre, Madrid), Unamuno, vencerás pero no convencerás of José Luis Gómez (la Abadía Theatre), Los Gondra directed by J.M.Mestres (CDN National Drama Centre, Madrid), El pequeño poni of Paco Bezerra directed by Luis Luque, Tebas Land of Sergio Blanco directed by Natalia Menéndez (Pavón Kamikaze) or the opera Streetcar named Desire of A.Previn – Tenesse Williams directed by Rita Cosentino (Colon Theatre-Buenos Aires)


As a film director, he has directed short films and documentaries like 25 años de libertad en el cine español (25 years of free speech at Spanish Cinema) in 2003 or Arte Sella, un museo all’aperto in 2005 (Best Documentary film at Brixen Art Film Festival, Bresanone, Italy). He has collaborated as a camera operator in One minute for conductors by Kottom Films (Best “Dock of the bay” Film in San Sebastian Festival).


He has written several articles in some specialized publications (ADE Teatro, Revista de la Academia de las Artes escénicas). He collaborated in the book La luz Melodía del arte escénico (Academia de la AAEE y AAI), with a chapter entitled The multiply light  and has conducted many talks and masterclasses. Among his lastest talks we can highlight Video & Projection design workshop for the Spanish Cultural Centre in Honduras and Miami (AECID), Video & Projection design at the Theatre Creation Degree at Carlos III University of Madrid directed by Juan Mayorga (2018-2020), the Video Projection workshop at the RESAD (Royal Performing arts School of Spain) for the Set design degree (2016), the talks in the First and the Second and Plastic arts Sessions by National Drama Centre in Madrid (2014-2015) and the Masterclasses about Video & Projection design at the Istituto Europeo di Design (2014-2019). He regularly collaborates with La Joven, a teaching Project in a professional enviromennt of the performing arts for young people.


In the field of art installations, he participated in Muérete-Just Die, in the Spanish Pavillion of the Prague Quadrennial for stage space (2015) with the set designer José Luis Raymond, and in Fragments, Lighting for Pandur in the 2019 Prague Quadrennial together with Juan Gómez Cornejo, lighting designer.


He has collaborated for the last 10 years with the Enclave de Agua Music Festival in Soria, with the Ensayo A3 VJ Collective, exploring the live experimentation and creation, in collaboration with Bruno Praena. Together they also designed Mi tiempo Señorías (2018), the farewell tour of the spanish rockstar Rosendo.


He was the video designer and codirector of nine Ceremony Shows of Málaga Film Festival, and also for the Spanish Film Festival of Tánger (Morocco). He directed the ceremony shows of DocumentaMadrid 08, 09 y 10, Documentary Film Festival of Madrid and in 2014, the Video & Projection Design for the Max Awards Ceremony awards, the most important awards in the Spanish Theatre.


Elvira Ruiz Zurita 

Graphic designer, Video and projection designer

Bruno Praena

Video and projection designer, Live Av.

Alfredo Cañas

Video production technical director

David Girón

Cinematographer, director of Photography

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